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We are excited to launch Heritage Sculptures, a line of highly-personalized sculpture that combines artistic mastery with the latest technology to capture the spirit of those you love in enduring, true-to-life detail. Celebrate, commemorate, and memorialize those you love in timeless bronze, contemporary sandstone, and precious metal jewelry.


Step into the MIST!

Experience our state-of-the-art Model Imaging & Sculpting Tool, or MIST, for short. The device itself is large enough to accommodate up to three adults or four children at once. Once the subjects have selected a pose, we calibrate the sensors, press a button, and the MIST takes 250 photographs simultaneously, from all sides - so don’t move a muscle! These digital captures will be used to create a highly-detailed 3-D rendering of your pose. As with any 2-D portraiture, 3-D MISTwork pieces are subject to meticulous retouching and enhancements. Our artists will smooth skin, remove blemishes, correct color, sharpen detail, and enhance expressions before your Heritage Sculpture is ready to be made tangible. 

Lost-wax cast bronze sculptures commemorate your loved ones in this finest and most permanent sculpture form.  Your MISTwork render is first printed in wax, then hand-finished by our expert sculptors.  Once perfected, the artist creates a cast and pours molten bronze.  After cooling, the mold is broken, releasing your Heritage Sculpture.  The piece is then meticulously hand-finished and polished, creating a timeless, permanent celebration of your loved one(s). 

If you’d like a piece of exquisite, personalized jewelry to have with you wherever you go, we are able to use the same wax casting process to create fine sterling silver charms and pendants in your loved ones’ likeness! 

Those looking for a more contemporary feel will love our stunningly lifelike sandstone series, created using the latest 3D-printing technology. Rendered in full color, these delicate, lightweight sculptures offer an affordable way to enjoy the magnificent elegance of personalized sculpture - hithertofore an art form reserved only for an elite few.

Bronze and sandstone sculptures are created in proportion to height. Create a series of sculptures of your children at every age to capture their growth over time in a way never before possible!

Although delicate, we have found that smaller sandstone sculptures can make beautiful cake coppers for weddings and other special events! Our specialists can work with you to design a sculpture that will work well for this purpose.