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Authentic connection is at the heart of all we do, and, because of that, our 30-minute Dream & Design Appointments will always be FREE. This is your time to sit and connect with us, so that Lili can faithfully capture your connections with each other. We’ll discuss your family dynamic, your home aesthetic, how to prepare for your Session, and more. 

Your Relax & Create Session with Lili will take 45-60 minutes, depending on the number of participants in your group. We are pleased to welcome up to five heartbeats total at no additional charge! Lili sets a leisurely pace with plenty of time for play and spontaneity, ensuring a relaxed, enjoyable time for all - and easy, genuine smiles for your portraiture. 

A week or so following your Session, we will invite you back for a Choose & Cherish Appointment, which offers an opportunity to view your artwork proofs projected larger-than-life here in our studio. You can thoughtfully consider expressions, composition, and tone, and even preview what each piece might look like in your home, if you’ve sent us a photograph of the room where you plan to display your art!

Once you’ve made your selections, all artwork - both portraiture and MISTwork (sculptures and jewelry) - will undergo meticulous retouching by the artist. Portraits are available in a variety of finishes, including classic prints, fine art canvases, hand-glazed canvases, and oil paintings.  Our Classic Prints are all given a linen canvas texture, mounted on art board and hand finished with a gold oil-painted edge. Each portrait will be beautiful as-is, displayed on an easel, or in a fine art frame. Tabletop and gift prints run from $95-$295, transitional wall portraits run from $395-$695, and larger wall portraits run from $695 to… well, life-sized portraits, if you so choose!  MISTwork pieces are available in timeless bronze, contemporary sandstone, or precious metal jewelry. We use only the finest materials available, and we partner with the best printers and framers in the country. As such, your heirloom artwork will stand the test of time, allowing grandchildren and great-grandchildren to look into your eyes, or to be invited into a precious moment, unobtrusively observed and preserved - more than a hundred years from now.