Step into 3D

For thousands of years, sculpture has inspired mankind.  Now, as art meets technology, it is possible to create personalized sculptures, jewelry, and other personalized memories using 3D scanning and printing technologies.

Step into 3D ... Everyone is doing it!


Created in full color sandstone, our Minis will amaze and inspire you.  They are so lifelike that you will smile as you see that expression that you love.


Take your loved ones with you.  Our silversmiths will create one-of-a-kind pendants, charms, earrings or other sterling silver wonders from 3D scans of your loved ones.  These won't just resemble your loved ones, they will be created from your loved ones and you will see their expressions and likeness every time you look at them.

Bronze Sculptures

In the true spirit of art meets technology, we are exploring the ancient art of lost wax casting bronze sculptures using 3D printing technology.  If you are looking for the ultimate in personalized fine art sculpture, make a bronze sculpture.

Get Sculpted

Are you adventurous?  Step into the Sculptoro, our state of the art 3D scanner, equipped with 125 camera units.  Standing in the center, you may feel like shouting out, “Beam Me Up!”  Just as fun but with much less space travel involved, the 125 cameras each snap twice, giving us 250 images that we use to create a highly detailed, lifelike 3D digital model.  

This model is then refined and 3D printed in a variety of materials, including full color sandstone statues (ranging from 2.5” - 14” tall) and sterling silver jewelry.   About three weeks later, you will  be amazed and inspired when you meet your sculpture. 

As enjoyable and futuristic an experience creating a 3D sculpture is, the result is a truly magical, timeless artwork of you, your family, your children and your pets, that will save today’s memories for tomorrow in an unforgettable manner.